The England FA round of 16 is set to continue today whereby the English Premier league defending champions ie Manchester City will be hosting Arsenal at Etihad stadium later in the evening.

BREAKING: Top European Club, Sacked Coach, Kolo Toure

Kolo Toure: With less than one week before remaining before the transfer window is closed,below is the European top football manager that has been sacked from his duties.

According to reports from this source ie Transfer News Live,it is said that Wigan Athletic have sacked manager Kolo Toure with the duo having managed them for less than two months since he was appointed.

BREAKING: Top European Club, Sacked Coach, Kolo Toure

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Per reports,Toure has been in charge for 9 games.Currently Wigan sit on the bottom of the championship table with 25 points thus they might be relegated.

So far they are in an awful form in which they have gone 9 straight matches in all competitions winless hence leading to Kolo Toure’s sucking.

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