Swansea's ball boy, who was kicked by Eden Hazard ten years ago, is worth an estimated £40 million

Ten years after being kicked by Eden Hazard, the Swansea City ball boy has an estimated net worth of £40 million.

Eden Hazard was controversially dismissed during the second leg of a League Cup semifinal between Swansea and Chelsea in 2013 at the Liberty Stadium.

Swansea's ball boy, who was kicked by Eden Hazard ten years ago, is worth an estimated £40 million

Swansea was ahead 2-0 in the first leg when Morgan, a 17-year-old, attempted to lay on the ball and hold onto it.

Hazard accidentally kicked the child as he frantically tried to get the ball, causing him to flop about holding his ribs.

Hazard was given a three-game suspension and a red card for his behavior. He expressed regret for his behavior and said, “The ballboy came in the locker room and we had a little chat. The boy and I both apologized, and now it is over. Sorry.

Because of his response, Morgan—who at the time was pursuing his A-Levels—became something of a meme and quickly went global, amassing 100,000 followers on Twitter.

Ten years later, Morgan is currently at the top of his game. The Swansea City director Martin’s son saw a need for a premium vodka, particularly in bottle service, and founded Au Vodka with buddy Jackson Quinn.

With its distinctive gold bottles in a variety of flavors, the company has now gone on to serve retailers like Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Tesco, Costco, Sainsbury’s, and Asda.

At first, they manufactured 2,000 bottles daily for Swansea-area pubs, but because to the company’s phenomenal expansion, that number has grown to 35,000 bottles daily, and Au is now sold in 40 different nations.

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Some well-known celebrities who support Au include Ronaldinho and Floyd Mayweather, while DJ and radio broadcaster Charlie Sloth is a business partner and investor.

The Times identified Au as the firm to watch out for in 2023, while The Spirits Business ranked Au as the most popular vodka brand online. At their current headquarters, they employ 50 people, and they have a whopping 630,000 social media followers.

After signing a contract with Total Wine Liquor, Charlie and Jackson, who were both ranked 24th on the “Rich list,” plan to break into the American market.

According to Wales Online, Morgan stated: “Our focus is basically on slamming into the American market in the upcoming year. Customers may now get our products delivered right to their door thanks to our recently developed E-commerce platform, which serves 31 states across the US.

Swansea's ball boy, who was kicked by Eden Hazard ten years ago, is worth an estimated £40 million.

Given that the USA website received over 28,000 sign-ups before it even launched, we anticipate that there will be a significant amount of interest in Au Vodka there.

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“Our goal is for Au Vodka to establish itself as a genuinely global brand, instantly recognizable for its distinctive gold packaging and vibrant liquids. We envision the bottles being placed on shelves throughout the world and being available to consumers everywhere. We also want to make sure that we maintain our leadership position in the UK vodka market while maintaining a firm grasp on our starting point to keep the brand authentic to its origins.

Hazard, a standout for Real Madrid, is thought to be worth £85 million, but Morgan is constantly on guard.

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