Graham Potter explained why he believes English star Raheem Sterling has struggled at Chelsea in an interview with the Evening Standard.

Sterling joined Chelsea from Manchester City in the summer and was expected to lead the Blues’ attack. However, things have not gone as planned for the talented winger.

Former Liverpool and Manchester City forward has previously demonstrated his ability to succeed in the Premier League. However, he has not demonstrated that ability at Stamford Bridge.

Sterling has had his moments wearing a Blues jersey. Potter, on the other hand, will be expecting a much more consistent output from the talented winger, as he must emerge as the attack’s leader.

Potter claims that Sterling’s move to Chelsea, combined with the fact that he has already had two managerial changes, has not helped his cause.

Here’s what Potter had to say about Sterling’s poor form and what he expects from him for the rest of the season.

“Raheem has joined a new team that has lost some key players over the summer, brought in some new ones, and then the manager has changed. It would be incorrect of me to claim that Raheem has been at the pinnacle of his game, but he is not alone. It is entirely my responsibility.”

The Blues will be hoping Sterling has a better second half of the season. If he has a good season from now on, Chelsea could push for a top-four finish in the Premier League.

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A confident Sterling is an entirely different story. He has the ability to influence games on his own, demonstrate his talent, and be the leader in attack that the Blues desperately need.

Let’s hope Potter can help Sterling resurrect his Chelsea career. If he can, the Blues’ poor form will be forgotten, and this signing will make sense after all.

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