Eden Hazard has retired from international football and will now concentrate on his current club, Real Madrid, but he has not performed as well as expected.

Eden Hazard has three possible destinations, according to ‘Le Soir.’ Ancelotti’s team must make a decision on his future.

On the one hand, Chelsea are one of the main contenders because he was at his best there, and he arrived at Real Madrid shortly after winning the Europa League as the best player.

Another destination is Lille, where he made his professional debut. However, it would be a significant step back in a team that is not performing well.

The third option is Juventus. The Italians have always come out on top.

“I Miss The Moment I Was Having In Chelsea”- says, Eden Hazard

The third option is Juventus. The Italians have always been concerned about Hazard’s situation, and they continue to do so.

Real Madrid have yet to make a decision on Hazard, but the Belgian player has already been linked with three potential destinations for next season.

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