The Chelsea football team’s team has indeed fallen out of top form, but the new manager may, in some sense, be the main cause of Chelsea’s issue due to his poor strategies.

Graham Potter should thus think twice before continuing to play Chelsea’s game with Loftus-Cheek on the wing.


Loftus-Cheek is not sensitive on the defensive. In Chelsea’s most recent games, the majority of the team’s goals were likely the result of defensive mistakes. These mistakes happen as a result of the Chelsea football club’s defenders being under excessive pressure, particularly from the right wing position because Loftus-Cheek plays solid defense. Chalobah typically fills in for Loftus-Cheek at right-back, leaving Chelsea’s central defense exposed. Potter should have recognized that Loftus-Cheek is more effective when he is in the offensive position as opposed to the defensive position.

Loftus-Cheek is a skilled player who is also good at scoring goals, which will be more advantageous to Chelsea’s team especially now that Chelsea football club’s attackers are avoiding long-range strikes.

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Loftus-Cheek is better at being offensively minded than defensively minded. Additionally, Loftus-Cheek has exceptional stamina, which helps him to create scoring opportunities.

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