Graham Potter is in charge as Chelsea manager, his first match in the UEFA Champions League with Red Bull Salzburg, which ends 1-1. Although, just one game before the death of Queen.

A lot was expected from him especially the Chelsea fans, whose first match 1-1 against RB Salzburg in the champions league draw, yet to be tested in the premier league, as Chelsea will take on Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park this weekend.

It’s not much to go on, but plenty of pundits have decided to draw major conclusions from it already. Well, there’s not much else to talk about, we suppose.

William Gallas was at the forefront of the criticism in quotes picked up by the Metro.

He questioned Potter’s team selection in his first match in the UEFA Champions League group game.

It’s difficult for me to understand why he wants to experiment with something like this, especially in a Champions League game. You are playing at home and you put Cucurella as a centre-back, you have Fofana on the bench with Koulibaly, Chalobah on the bench, and you put Sterling as a left-wing back? I don’t understand.”

We can’t say we totally agree. Sterling was used as a left wing back in theory, but he played so high up the pitch he was basically a spare attacker. He scored our goal and got into plenty of good positions. And it was a game specific decision, as Potter explained afterwards.

The centre back issue is a little different, but we all understand that the new coach probably wanted to pick his club captain for his first game in charge. If Koulibaly and Fofana still aren’t starting in a few weeks time, we will take Gallas’ criticism more seriously.

With this analysis from William Gallas who doubts the current Chelsea manager, Graham Potter’s formation to win any single match, do you agreed with him?

No doubt, a lot of Chelsea fans are after win not tactical form they wanted to see their club won every single they participate on. Graham Potter get it right this time around.

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